Restroom & Shower Trailers

Rich Specialty Trailers has developed a portable restroom trailer designed for the disabled. The Rich Specialty Trailers wheelchair accessible trailer is specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of disabled users. This Trailer is easily pulled to a site and lowered to the ground with a convenient to use electric lowering system.   This trailer operates easily with a touch of a switch to lower the restroom trailer.  Stored in the trailer for easy use is a ramp and railing allowing access to the restroom with a wheelchair.   A large waste tank is included and on board fresh water is available.  The ramp can be stored and shipped inside of the restroom trailer.  The mechanical room holds the switches for operation of the unit.
Three station restroom trailer with on wheelchair ramped individual restroom:
  • High clearance china sink to allow room for wheelchair
  • Easy to operate self-closing faucet
  • China toilet bowl with wall mounted push button to flush
  • Large waste holding tank
  • Mirror over sink
  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Smooth, mar resistant interior walls
  • One piece, non skid durable rubber floor
  • Roof mounted and ducted air conditioning
  • Roomy interior wheelchair turning radius
  • Stainless steel hand rails and grab handles