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Your electric trailer brakes on your portable restroom trailer are basically the same as the brakes in your tow vehicle. Use hydraulic pressure to expand the brake shoes in your tow vehicle.  While an electric circuit performs the same function on your Portable Restroom Trailer. This electric circuit combines electromagnets and the rotation of the brake drum.  Which causes the movement of brake shoes against the drum.

Your electric brakes are wired to the towing vehicle through the electrical pigtail. When attached, they distribute even braking power to both the towing vehicle and the Portable Restroom Trailer.

Make sure to test the brakes on your portable restroom trailer.  Then adjust them as necessary, per the instructions of the brake controller manufacturer.   Importantly, proper adjustment of the brakes helps to avoid dangerous swaying or jack-knifing on slippery pavement, or during an emergency stop.

It is very important to achieve the proper balance between the brake action of both the Portable Restroom Trailer and tow vehicle. Both sets of brakes are designed to stop only the vehicle on which they were installed. If one set of brakes absorbs the load of the other also, excess heat is formed.  Which increases brake lining wear. If the tow vehicle’s brakes are used alone, the weight of the Portable Restroom Trailer pushing on the back of the tow vehicle can cause jack-knifing. The correct method of brake synchronization applies the Portable Restroom Trailer brakes with a slight lead over the tow vehicle’s brakes. Make sure this proper balance is achieved when the controller is installed and adjusted.

Before taking your restroom trailer on a trip, check for proper brake action on a short road test. Apply the brakes several times at different speeds and pressure. If wheel lock-up occurs, the brake shoe adjustment is too tight. If no restroom trailer brake action is occurring, brake shoe adjustment is too loose. Do not exceed a speed of 25 mph during this road test. Refer to the Brake/Axle Owner’s Manual for adjustment procedures and troubleshooting guide.

Warning: The breakaway switch is intended for emergency use only. Do not use the switch as an emergency brake for the trailer when it is parked.

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