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The Fleet Command FS414 four station restroom trailer model floorplan is a highly requested model. As the name indicates, four stations make up this model. Importantly, the trailer features private rooms.  While most rooms are unisex, some rooms may be male optioned.  For example, a standard urinal completes the center room.  Therefore, a male emblem labels the door.  So, flexibility configures the four-station restroom trailer.  Additionally, simply add a urinal to all rooms to use on an all-male construction site.  Consequently, the trailer conforms to a larger “male use only” trailer.

The curb side locates three entrance doors. After that, one entrance locates on rear of the restroom trailer. Importantly, when restroom trailers are set on the road curb, guests are not required to enter into the street traffic to use the restroom trailer.  In other words, the trailer is safer when used in metro locations.


Along with key features, the FS 414 four-station portable restroom trailer allows several different decor packages as options.  Moreover, choices allow restroom trailers for all events.  Firstly, a luxurious high end event package compliments this trailer.  For instance, vessel sinks add value in the luxury package.  Also, solid surface counter tops accent each room. Secondly, the trailer features a bright but easy to clean event color package.  Also, modern designer wall features highlight the trailer. Thirdly, a construction grade color package offers the four-station restroom trailer model the option to be used on a construction site.  Also, the trailer offered does it all, from luxury parties to remote construction locations.  At the same time, GPS and tank monitoring technology add value to the trailer.  Which allows monitoring remotely of the restroom trailer.  See the color and feature options available on the restroom decor page of this site. 


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