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The four station shower floor plan is a trailer with individual private rooms.  Firstly, one piece durable fiberglass compose the shower pans.  Although, stainless steel shower pans easily optioned into floor plan. Along with fiberglass pans, fiberglass interior walls clean easily. Furthermore, a  bench seat of water proof plastic allows the client a location to sit and dress.

The on-demand gas water heater provides instant warm water to each shower head.  In addition, the shower heads are low flow water to conserve water useage.  Which slows the filling of the large on board waste water tank.  Finally, the four station shower floor plan includes a thick rubber flooring.  In addition, the flooring is water proof and anti-slip.  Therefore the client can safely enter and exit the shower stalls.  More shower models built and offered for sale.


The four station shower floor plan locates easily onto the site.  Firstly, the floor plan has entrance doors on both sides to keep the length to a minimum.  Additionally, keeping the size down make the trailer easier to tow to the location of choice.  Under the frame chassis, tandem axles  carry the weight of an on-board fresh water tank.  On the tongue, a tongue jack levels the trailer while setting up on site.  While stabilizer jacks reduce the tire bounce when the trailer is in use.

Also, towing to site requires the towing vehicle to have both a 2 5/16 inch ball for the trailer coupler.  Additionally, the towing vehicle must have electric brakes which will work in conjunction with the trailer.  Importantly, the tow vehicle sized to pull the trailer safely.  Above all the trailer waste tank must be empty before pulling the trailer.  Also, the tow vehicle must be sized to tow the GVW of the shower trailer.  For more information on fleet command restroom trailers.