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Portable Restroom Trailers: Construction Site

-Interior Walls are all constructed of a washable, dent resistant, mar resistant attractive wall surface.-Large waste tank built into the structure is a durable, acid resistant co-poly and can be pumped from either the front or rear of the portable restroom trailers.

-The interior finish has a Tough Fiberglass and Laminate Finish with a Durable Metal Trim.

-City Water Connection – Installed with limit valve to control amount of water pressure throughout system.
-Low amp draw 12 volt interior lighting to allow lighting with just the use of a battery.
-Exterior Porch light – lighting steps to allow safe use of steps for use of facilities at night.
-Roof Mounted and Ducted Air conditioning typically Standard Features on Rich Portable Restroom Trailers.

-Air Conditioning – ducted to both male and female stations.

-Entrance Doors – Sealed –Fireproof with deadbolt-Durable for long term use.
-Male Dominated Floor Plans and at least one Female Station. Male Side has both Urinals and Private Stall with Water Conserving Foot Flush Toilets.
-Large Waste Holding Tanks & Heavy Framed and Durable Hinges– thick co-poly (polypropylene) tank- will not rust or deteriorate and is resistant to acids.

-All Models can accomodate a Large Capacity On Board Fresh Water Tank with an On Demand Water Pump or they can be equipped with a City Water Connection for a Direct Water Supply

-Exterior Fiberglass Gelcoat- Will not rust or dent and has no seams or rivets that can pull apart and let water in.
-Floors are covered with a Non-Slip Rubber Flooring.

-Sealed flooring is more durable and water resistant.

-Waterless Urinals standard– Save money by reducing water usage and number of trips to pump out waste tank.
-Faucets – Self closing faucets which will automatically shut off to conserve water.
-For Cold Weather Climates a Winter Package can include Electric Room Heaters and Electric Pads on important Water Supply and Waste Collecting Components.
-Rich’s Industrial Package: for an extra level of Durability (for cases of harsh use or environments)

-includes additional rugged features such as Stainless Steel Sinks & Mirrors.

-Walls are lined with an Aluminum Diamond Plate Wainscot.

-Rust resistant sealed on all exposed sides of the Rich Portable Restroom Trailer.
-Over sized Axles and Frame for Durability and Longevity

-Large I-Beam Frame

-Stabilizer jacks at all four corners.
-Base Cabinets are washable and lockable. and a mechanical room is easily accessed from the exterior.
-Many more options to choose from including skylights, stereos, TV walls and heated holding tanks.
-Custom building available – change a floor plan to meet your needs.
-A Floor drain in all portable restroom trailers To more easily clean interior of restroom trailers.

Construction Site Portable Restroom Trailers


Two station model PP612 portable restroom trailers are offered with a uni-sex floor plan with each room able to accommodate both male and female construction workers.  Each of the stalls has a separate door entrance.   This floor plan for these portable restroom trailers has a mechanical room to hold the on board fresh water tank and water pump.


These 6 station portable restroom trailers have 5 male stations and one female station.  As a flex floor plan, these portable restroom trailers can be converted to a floor plan with 3 male stations and 3 female stations.   Rich Specialty construction site portable restroom trailers come standard with solid surface counter tops but can be built with stainless steel counter tops and a aluminum diamond plate wainscot wall depending on your preference.


CT827 portable restroom trailers have 7 male stations and one female station.  With an industrial decor package the countertops on these portable restroom trailers are stainless steel and the wall mirrors are a shatter proof stainless steel.   The interior walls of these portable restroom trailers are washable and mar resistant.  The flooring is a non-slip gray embossed rubber.


The CT830 portable restroom trailers have 8 male stations that include 4 urinals and 4 stalls.  There is one room and stall for the female station.  Water conserving urinals are standard on these portable restroom trailers but they can also be outfitted with water flushing urinals. In addition, a large 335 gallon on board fresh water tank can be installed into these portable restroom trailers.   A large on board waste holding tank is standard along with water conserving toilets.


These 17 station portable restroom trailers are designed for heavy use. They base designed with 8 urinals and 9 stalls.  Four entrance doors help to handle the construction worker foot traffic. These portable restroom trailers have durable-washable walls and floors that come standard along with upgraded frame chassis and over sized axles and tires.

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