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Portable Restroom Trailers Fresh Water Tank

When an outside source of water is unavailable, water can be drawn from the fresh water storage tank for use in the portable restroom trailer. The tank is filled through a water fill spout on the side of the Restroom Trailer. To fill the fresh water tank, proceed as follows: Remove the water fill spout

Portable Restroom Trailers: Water and Drainage

General Information Portable restroom trailer plumbing can be divided into two separate systems. The fresh water system consists of those items which are used to deliver water for your use, while the waste water system is made up of the drains and tanks which store and remove water that has been used.Your Portable Restroom Trailer

Hitching Up Portable Restroom Trailers

To ensure safe towing, make sure you have a suitable vehicle, and hitch for your portable restroom trailer. It is the trailer owner's responsibility to correctly match the combination of tow vehicle and portable restroom trailer. Contact a hitch specialist, who can help you match your tow vehicle and hitch, and equip you with a

Portable Restroom Trailers – Emergency Stopping and Towing

While towing your portable restroom trailer, if an emergency ever requires you to be stopped, be sure to follow these guidelines: Pull off the road with your tow vehicle and portable restroom trailer as far as possible. Turn on your hazard warning flashers. If traveling at night, use three red warning indicators such as flares,

Brakes on Your Portable Restroom Trailer

Your electric trailer brakes on your portable restroom trailer are basically the same as the brakes in your tow vehicle. Hydraulic pressure is used to expand the brake shoes in your tow vehicle, while an electric circuit is used to perform the same function on your Portable Restroom Trailer. This electric circuit uses a combination