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mobile office trailer exterior


The mobile office trailers built by Rich Specialty Trailers have the widest selection of sizes, models, and floor plans. The standard office trailer has counter tops on both sides of the trailer. However, there are models with living quarters.  For example, the living quarters trailers can have bathrooms with showers and also bedrooms.  Additional built-in options are pre-wired computer systems. Therefore the phone wiring is offered to help with communications in event of an emergency. For for example the phone system could be used whether it is a construction project or a natural disaster such as a flood, or wildfire.


We build trailers to be highly portable and durable. But, if the thought of a modular office trailer is too limiting for you. Check out our trailers offering work space. Importantly, we build our office trailers to be durable. Since many see duty in some tough environments. Because our mobile office trailers are made to be moved they are used all over the world from Alaska to the Middle East.

With a large selection and variety of working space trailers we can get the design and features you want.  Certainly, you can have everything you need on board.  For instance the options include Toilet, Shower, Kitchen, Office Area, even a Power Stand Alone Generator. While you’re going way out or just like to be self-sufficient.
Improve your productivity in the field with a field office trailer from Rich Specialty Trailers.


When you have important work to do at a remote site. Having a comfortable, well organized space makes all the difference. Always offer the comfort and convenience of having well planned space for getting the job done. Our mobile office trailers are attractive and highly portable. Above all they are a sound investment.  Because they improve productivity and effectiveness in the field.

An office trailer from Rich Specialty can serve many utilitarian roles. Firstly, our mobile office trailers offer ultimate flexibility and portability. So when you need a planning and management hub close to the project. Secondly, these trailers are designed to provide highly mobile, comfortable, and organized work space. And can be used for supervisors and directors in the field. Toilet, kitchen, heat, and air-conditioning, are just a few of the amenities available on your mobile office trailer.
Rich mobile Office Trailers currently see duty worldwide in various functional areas including: Field Training
Outreach and Service Provision
Employee Recruitment
Private Meeting Area out of the  Elements
Mobile Home Base for Sporting events from Nascar to Stadium Events & Marathons. Rich Specialty Trailers Home logo

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