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Portable Restroom Trailer Worldwide Delivery


World wide Delivery

We'll build and ship a world wide delivery of your trailer. And specifications used for world wide delivery. We ship all over the world.  Moreover our trailers are being used in the United States, South America, Africa and Europe.  In addition our trailers ship to Australia, the Middle East, and Japan.

Our trailers serve the Specialty & Portable Restroom Trailer needs of our domestic customers. Secondly, we continue to grow our relationships with customers internationally.

The portable restroom trailers from Rich Specialty are flexibly designed.  In other words, they adhere to varied local conditions and requirements around the world.   For instance, international  shipment of trailers withstand weather conditions and increment climates. Shipment of the trailer can be coordinated to be shipped on the deck of a boat. However, trailers can be processed to fit inside of a shipping container.  Multiple configurations of floor plans for worldwide shipping are offered for sale.

Flexible Configurations

Any specialty trailer or portable restroom trailer from Rich Specialty is available in varied lengths and configurations.  For example, models start at a small 2 station portable restroom trailer. In addition to a large 17 station trailers. Also, our specialty trailers are heavily field tested for function and durability. In other words, from the extreme Heat of the Middle East to the harsh Cold of Alaska. Rich specialty trailers and portable restroom trailers continue to prove themselves for world wide delivery.

International Options

-Firstly, trailers are designed for convenient fit into international shipping containers for boat shipping delivery.

-Secondly, 220 v wiring  are available based on final destination for international delivery.

-Thirdly, specifications & Floor plans are adjusted to meet local conditions and requirements.

-Fourthly, special braking systems equipped for the unique country delivery requirements

-Finally, logistical Assistance readily available from our team of experienced experts.

Exploring delivery options?

Give us a call and we’ll get you the information you need to make the process smooth and easy. Call  email: info@richrestrooms.com OFFICE PHONE NUMBER