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Shower Trailers


We offer shower trailers for sale in two types. The first series of trailers have floor plans which only includes individual stations in each room.  The second series includes the combo which describes portable trailers that normally includes a toilet and sink along with the shower.

When you purchase a shower trailer from Rich Specialty Trailers, you are buying a rugged and efficient shower trailer.   Which means you get a quality trailer built in the floor plan and specifications you need and you purchase the trailer at a great value.

Rich Specialty Trailers has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality trailers to fit your needs. The company's design background and knowledge of building materials is the basis for our most popular shower trailer models. With the amount of standard model selection available the company will offer you a shower trailer that meets all your needs. Contact our product sales manager to find the trailer to meet your needs.

We provide the standard Rich Specialty Shower Trailer in a variety of floor plans from private two stations to private sixteen station trailer floor plans.


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