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Portable restroom trailers breakaway switch and towing information below. The breakaway switch is a safety feature designed to automatically engage the portable restroom trailer brakes.  If the trailer should somehow come unhitched from the tow vehicle. A steel cable connects the switch to the tow vehicle. If separation occurs, the switch is activated by the action of the cable pulling out the switch actuating pin. Make sure the cable is attached to the portable restroom trailer’s tow vehicle with sufficient slack.  Importantly the slack should allow a full 90 degree turn without activating the restroom trailer brakes.

Also, the breakaway switch requires 12 volt current to operate. This current is normally supplied by the tow vehicle electrical system. If complete separation occurs, the portable restroom trailer battery supplies the power needed for brake activation.

Test the breakaway switch before each trip by pulling out the switch activating pin, and checking to make sure the trailer brakes have been activated. If the switch and brakes do not operate properly, have the problem repaired before towing the Portable Restroom Trailer. Keep the trailer battery charged at all times to insure the safe operation.

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