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Rich Specialty Trailers offers a line of laundry trailers for use in on remote sites. Examples include, the trailers utilized for disaster recovery or for camp locations.  Additionally, park locations or tourist locations feature use of the laundry trailers.


Many key features make the trailers efficient and rugged. As an example, non-slip commercial rubber floors outfit the laundry trailer interiors. While fiberglass lines the ceiling and walls for durability.  Additionally, low maintenance LED lighting brighten areas throughout the trailers. Plus, clothes folding tables increase working areas in the laundry trailer model. A storage shelf is mounted above the countertops. Therefore, it is possible to quickly and efficiently wash, dry, and fold hundreds of loads.  As another key feature, a large waste holding tanks is built into the chassis frame to collect grey water.  Secondly, on-demand, gas water heaters are offered.  The water heaters provide instant hot water at demand.  In addition, a mounted LP gas holding tanks feed fuel to the water heater.  Also, city water connection and a waste tank dump valve allow smooth operation of the trailer.


The different model floor plans include a sixteen-foot trailer with four stackable washer and gas dryer sets. Secondly, the next floor plan is a seven-set stackable washer and dryer.  Finally, laundry trailers built are offered for sale with the ten-set washer and dryers.

Stackable floor plans range from a six unit to a much larger twelve-unit, laundry trailers.   Importantly, the four-unit laundry trailer includes a comfortable area for folding clothes on a work bench.  Additionally, a mechanical room is on the tongue end of the trailer.  As well as the water pump and onboard fresh water holding tank providing the trailer utilities. The seven-unit laundry trailer has the space to install seven stackable gas dryers and washers.  Moreover, LP holding tanks fuel the on-demand LP gas water heater which is located on the tongue. While the bumper pull trailer utilizes oversized axles for strength. The ten-unit laundry trailer includes a built in grey, waste, holding tank.  Also, the tongue end of the laundry trailer has a dump valve for pumping waste-water.  At the same time, the bottom of the tank offers a location for an additional dump valve.  Smooth fiberglass walls add strength.

 Exploring Washer and Dryer Trailers?

Whether you’re thinking laundry trailers or a different trailer for a specific purpose Rich Specialty Trailers are top quality.  And made to last and built factory direct.

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Laundry trailers interior