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job site restroom trailer


The job site restroom trailers are built and offered for sale for use in your more rugged environments.  For instance,  durable gelcoat fiberglass exterior is dent resistant.  In addition fiberglass interior is water proof. Therefore,the job site restroom trailer is easy to clean.

Also, available with the job site restroom trailer is a  industrial package.  In fact, the industrial package includes such options as stainless steel counter tops and stainless steel mirrors.  Therefore, the trailer options make the product easy to clean and shatterproof.  Additionally, the trailer features over sized axles. Also, built in are heavy chassis frame for your tough off road work environments.  Finally, a non slip thick rubber flooring benefits the job site trailer industrial package.


The restroom trailers are used all over the world for many applications.  For example, this restroom trailer functions in the oil fields of the US.  Secondly, the trailer serves industrial site locations such as oil refineries.  Thirdly, the trailer responds to disaster locations for temporary sanitation needs. Examples of disaster relief include wildfires, hurricanes or earthquakes. Besides disaster relief the trailer serves at sporting events and construction sites.  Finally, the portable restroom trailer for sale highlighted with a rugged exterior aluminum trim package.

A large selection of configurations of the restroom are offered for sale.  For instance, models including male dominated trailers for the male dominated work locations.  Additionally, portable restroom trailers are built and offered for sale with twelve male stations.  Also, job site restroom trailers are offered for sale with just one male and one female station.  Similarly, more information can be seen about fleet command restroom trailers.