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Firstly, choose your model from Rich Specialty Trailers home page. Secondly, choose from the links below.  As a trailer manufacturer we have portable restroom trailers for sale.  Search our web site and choose your model or see the trailers that are available for sale today. Also, as a specialty trailer manufacturer Rich Specialty Trailers offers a mixture of different models.  That is to say the trailers can be used for a wide spectrum of industries and applications.  Weddings and constructions sites employ the specialty trailers in their industries

Additional examples include the oilfields and at corporate events. Finally the trailers are used in the entertainment industry and sports industry.  For an example of events the trailers serviced the Super Bowl and the World Series.

The events and industries utilized is wide ranging. Therefore the specialty trailers are wide ranging.  Consequently restroom trailers and shower trailers to hand washing trailers and emergency response trailers are offered.


Rich Specialty Trailers builds and offers for sale the best in mobile trailer solutions.  Our trailers are used for luxury events such as outdoor weddings and are rented for corporate black tie functions.  Because portable restroom trailers for sale  models are offered with a range of decor options we have trailers being used on oil field and construction sites.

Additionally, emergency response trailers such as bunk houses, shower trailers, and laundry trailer are built and offered for sale. Furthermore Rich Specialty Trailers home page provides links to trailers in many sizes.  In short, spend some time and review all the models we are sure we have the perfect trailer for your needs.