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Bunk House Trailers for sale

Built with a long-term focus in mind, our Bunk House Trailers will stand the test of time. Equipped with our heavy-duty specs and comfort options for guests, you can be sure to get the most out of the following day. Built with an oversized I-beam chassis, oversized axles, aluminum studded structure and gel coated fiberglass exteriors, these trailers will last as long as you need them to. Making the most out of the space, you can fit 16 people into our most popular floorplan while still ensuring maximum comfort and easy set up. We use a nice spring mattress, with window covers and privacy curtains per bunk and an additional privacy curtain per room. Our standard specs make it easy to set up via shore cords or a generator and get to the jobsite quickly. The convenient floorplans allow for easy hauling and storage, while still giving good space for the guests. 

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BK342 – 16 Bed Bunk House Trailer


  • Upgraded 15k a/c unit
  • Room Heaters
  • Additional Walkway Lighting
  • Durabilt Fiberglass Roof
  • Comfort Spring Mattress per bunk 

Our BK342 Model is one our most popular Bunk House Trailers. It offers a surprising amount of space on each side and is easy to haul and set up. Each bunk is equipped with our standard comfort specs for the guests using it and allows you to be sure you get good rest for the following day. Perfect for disaster relief situations or wherever mobile bunking is needed!

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