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Construction Site Restroom Trailers

The construction site restroom trailers feature durable and long-lasting materials.  For example, the fiberglass interior walls are washable and dent resistant.  Which also means, the wall surfaces are mar resistant. Most importantly, the frame structure holds a large tank to collect wastewater.  The tank is durable and corrosive resistant. Moreover, the tank is pumped from either the front or rear. As far as the fresh water, an installed city water connection controls the amount of water pressure. Also importantly, low amp draw, 12-volt interior lighting installed allows interior light with the use of a battery. At the same time, lighted steps allow safe use of steps to use the trailer at night. And finally, for hot days, air conditioning is roof-mounted and ducted.  Normally, a standard feature on construction site restroom trailers.

Additionally, heavy framed entrance doors seal with deadbolt. As well as, offering durable for long term use. Male dominated floor plans feature at least one female station. Included on the male side are both urinals and a private stall.  As well as water conserving foot flush toilets in the stalls.  See more models available with link.


Additional key features increase the construction site restroom trailers value. Importantly, all models accommodate a large capacity on board fresh-water tank.  Along with an on-demand water pump. Or the trailer equips with a city water connection for a direct water.

Included is exterior fiberglass gelcoat. Which will not rust or dent. And has no seams or rivets pulling apart to allow water in. Importantly, standard waterless urinals save money by reducing water usage.  Which reduce the number of trips to pump out waste tank. Secondly, sealed flooring is more durable and water resistant. For cold weather climates a winter package includes electric room heaters and electric pads. Importantly, pads located on water supply and waste collecting components. Thirdly, base cabinets are washable and lockable. And finally, a mechanical room accesses easily from the exterior for maintenance.  While money saving GPS and notification systems adorn the construction site restroom trailerSee more restroom trailer models. 


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