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Below is restroom trailer general info onRESTROOM TRAILER GENERAL INFO some of the components used in the restroom trailers.


To understand some of the restroom trailer general info it is important to understand some of the components used in the restroom trailer. Beginning with the waterless urinal, that uses no water. Secondly, the urinal does not have fresh-water plumbing. Or have a flush valve installed at the top of the urinal.  But instead, the urinals don’t flush. Rather, they drain by gravity into the waste tank of the restroom trailer.

The waterless urinal looks like a regular urinal. Similarly, you use them like regular urinals. While the waste drains naturally, without being forced out like a traditional urinal. Although, the waterless urinal uses the special cartridge trap at the bottom of the urinal. Firstly, the urine enters the urinal bowl it flows to the bottom into a cartridge. Subsequently, it comes in contact with a layer of sealant liquid with a specific gravity less than water. Finally, the urine passes through this sealant liquid. This sealant liquid acts as an airtight barrier that isolates the urine from the restroom trailer.  Which provides odor free operation. In addition, uric sediment collects at the bottom of the cartridge, preventing buildup and keeping pipes cleaner than  traditional flush urinals.


Because the urinal cartridge does collect uric sediment, we recommend you replace the cartridge of the waterless urinal.  Certainly, replace the cartridge in the restroom trailer every three months or about 7,000 uses. After you remove the old cartridge and before you place the new cartridge in the urinal, we recommend you clean the restroom trailer.  Pour gallons of water into the urinal and down the drain into the restroom trailer holding tank. You can easily change cartridges with the tool provided with the cartridge.  And the internet has them readily available. See Maintenance and Cleaning of “Waterless Urinal” in a Restroom Trailer:


With the focus on “going green” over the past number of years, more venues started installing the waterless urinals. Including locations such as minor league baseball stadiums, New York Mets Citi Field Stadium and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. When used in a restroom trailer, a water less urinal will conserve on the filling of the waste tank. And in addition, save on pumper truck trips to dump the waste tank.



More restroom trailer general info includes information about counter tops. At Rich Specialty Trailers, we use quality solid surface counter tops because of their durability and resistance to water damage. Solid surface begins as an acrylic material. Which is manufactured into flat sheet panels and molded for use as counter tops in our restroom trailers.

Solid surface sheets may be bonded to each other to create a continuous seamless surface. That is to say the countertop is suitable for both horizontal and vertical use in a quality trailer. We use solid surface materials mostly made of two main ingredients: a natural mineral, which serves as the filler, and a resin, which serves as the binder. These are combined and then cast in a curing process that results in a durable sheet or a form shape.


The most common mineral used to manufacture solid surface counter tops is alumina tri-hydrate, or ATH. ATH is a refined form of bauxite ore and can comprise up to 75 percent of a sheet of solid surface. To clarify, Bauxite is a form of clay. ATH is chemical and stain resistant, water-resistant and fire resistant. It is additionally translucent and is hard enough to give impact-resistance, but soft enough to be machinable. Certainly these characteristics which make it ideal for a quality restroom trailer.

Two main resins used in the manufacturing of solid surface include acrylic and polyester. A purely acrylic-based resin yields a sheet that is thermoformable. It can be heated, bent into a new shape and cooled without any loss of performance characteristics. Polyester resins, including those mixed with acrylic, are used in demanding or high strength applications. With the addition of a catalyst, usually peroxide, the sheets are then cast and cured.

What is Great about the Solid Surface Counter Tops used in a Rich Specialty Restroom Trailer?


  • Durable: resists chipping and cracking and retains its beauty
  • Renewable: scratches, cuts and burns can be sanded away
  • Available in classic solid colors and versatile patterns
  • Homogeneous composition for color and pattern retention throughout the thickness of the sheet
  • Offers seamless, one-piece appearance
  • Stain-resistant and easy-to-clean
  • Nonporous and hygienic: dirt can’t be trapped, liquids won’t penetrate, bacteria and fungi won’t grow



The term L.E.D. is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. In other words, the LED light is a semiconductor chip. When used in a restroom trailer it is a strong structure light. When electricity passes through the diode the atoms in one material in the semiconductor become energized and need to release that energy. The release of energy creates the light. The materials that make up the chip determine the color of the light from the LED.

LED lights have many advantages in a quality restroom trailer:

-High-levels of brightness and intensity which means less eye strain.

– High efficiency and has low voltage requirements. Most LED lights use less than 1 tenth of the power than a comparable 12v light.

-Low radiated heat on your restroom trailer is a plus. It only gets warm to the touch and will not burn the hand when touched. If you use your restroom trailer for rental purposes, the chances decrease of a customer getting burned from a light.

-Highly reliability because it is resistant to shock and vibration on the restroom trailer which is an advantage over a more fragile florescent or incandescent bulb.

-Does not emit any ultraviolet rays that can fade and deteriorate colors in materials.

– Directionality ensures that up to 95% of illumination reaches the target and not lost in the fixture.

-An LED light, considered green friendly, uses very little electricity from your restroom trailer.

These more efficient lights come standard and are another reason more customers buy a factory direct restroom trailer from Rich Specialty Trailers.

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