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To ensure safe towing, make sure you have a suitable vehicle, and hitch for your portable restroom trailer.  Importantly, it is the trailer owner’s responsibility to correctly match the combination of tow vehicle and portable restroom trailer. Be sure to contact a hitch specialist, who can help you match your tow vehicle and hitch, and equip you with a properly installed brake controller.


Firstly, Make sure the ball on your hitch matches the coupler size on the portable restroom trailer.

• Use the jack to raise the coupler high enough for the hitch ball to slip beneath.

• Release the coupler-locking device (raise the lever).

• Back your tow vehicle into mounting position for your restroom trailer.

• When properly aligned lower the portable restroom trailer coupler onto the ball

• Also, Continue raising the jack until it is fully raised.

• Latch the coupler-locking device (It is very important to lower the lever and insert a pin in the lock hole).

• Connect the safety chains by crossing the chains beneath the coupler and attach them to the tow vehicle.

Allow enough slack for turning, but no dragging (Tip: if chains are too long, simply twist them).

• Importantly, connect the electrical plug on the portable restroom trailer to the plug on the tow vehicle. Check to make sure that all running, directional, and brake lights are functioning.

• Load properly approx. 60% in front of the axles (you want 10-15% of the trailer and load weight on the

hitch), balance the load side to side, and secure it (you don’t want it getting loose). Don’t overload, go by

acceptable payload ratings or you may void the warranty.

• Finally, Take a trial run and familiarize yourself with the handling characteristics of your tow vehicle and portable restroom trailer.

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