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General Information

Portable restroom trailer plumbing can be divided into two separate systems. The fresh water system consists of those items which are used to deliver water for your use, while the waste water system is made up of the drains and tanks which store and remove water that has been used.Your Portable Restroom Trailer plumbing system has the dual ability to use water provided by anexternal pressurized source or it can use water provided with the optional on-board fresh water tank. In either case, the components of the system operate similarly to a residential home. Components of the plumbing system on your portable restroom trailer consist of strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant materials that provide long life, and easy cleaning. By following the instructions outlined here, you can increase efficient operation and decrease maintenance.

External Hookup

Water provided from outside your Portable Restroom Trailer is pressurized by the on-board system.When you connect your Portable Restroom Trailer to an outside source, the fresh water tank and the water pump are kept separate from the rest of the system by in-line check valves.

To attach the Portable Restroom Trailer to an outside source of water:

  1. Locate the access door on your restroom trailer labeled “City Water Connection.” This is normally located under the portable restroom trailer on the driver side near the mechanical room door.
  2. Attach one end of the fresh water hose to the outside source of water.
  3. Connect the other end of the hose to the restroom trailer city water inlet.
  4. Turn the outside source of water on. Open the various faucets in the trailer to clear the air from the lines. Close the faucets when the water flows freely.

(The amount of water pressure provided to the portable restroom trailer should be limited in order to protect the interior water lines of the trailer. There is a valve located inside the restroom trailer and a gauge located outside of the trailer. This valve must be turned on to allow water to flow into the trailer.)

NOTE: Do not turn the water pump on when using water from an external supply.

To disconnect from the outside source of supply:

  1. Shut off the outside source of supply.
  2. Disconnect the hose from the supply valve and the Portable Restroom Trailer inlet.
  3. Re-reel the hose and store.
  4. Reinstall the cap on the portable restroom trailer water inlet.

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