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When an outside source of water is unavailable, water is drawn from the fresh water storage tank for use in the portable restroom trailer. Thus, the tank is filled through a water fill spout on the side of the Restroom Trailer.

To fill the fresh water tank, proceed as follows:

  1. First, remove the water fill spout cap.
  2. Second, water can now be added directly to the tank through the fill spout by use of a known clean hose.
  3. Third, when the tank is filled, replace the water fill spout cap.

Importantly, when traveling, you may want to drain the restroom trailer tank, or keep the quantity of water in it to a minimum. Consequently, this reduces the total weight of the portable restroom trailer for travel. Additionally, make sure when draining the tank, that the water pump has been turned off.

 Waste Tank

Your new portable restroom trailer is built with a large waste tank custom designed with a welded Copolymer Polypropylene. The tank is located beneath the floor decking. It recommended using care when pumping tank to avoid damaging fittings during connection to pumper truck.

 Monitoring Waste Water

 Your new Portable Restroom is optionally equipped with a 12 volt electric waste monitor. Generally this is located inside the mechanical room. The amount of waste in your under floor tank is checked by pushing the button on the monitor. It will register as 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full. Additionally, a sight gauge is located on the rear of the restroom trailer tank to check waste levels visually. The tank can be viewed by opening the rear cargo door. Note: the electric waste monitor will need to be calibrated at the empty level. And at the full level to function properly. (See manufacturer provided instructions.)

 Water Pump

When using water from the portable restroom trailer fresh water tank, the system must be pressurized. Importantly, a self -priming 12V DC pump is provided to handle this function. Additionally, a pump on-off switch is located in the mechanical room on the monitor panel.

 Accumulator Tank

Your new portable restroom trailer may have an accumulator tank similar to your site built home. This tank works in conjunction with your water pump to maintain water pressure. Also, to lessen the amount of times the water pump will activate to pressurize the water system. In addition, this tank is constructed with in internal bladder that must be pressurized in order to function. This is done by connecting an air hose to the end of the tank.

(See tank for recommended pressure.) This pressure can be tested by connecting a standard tire pressure gauge to this nozzle. If the tank is not going to be used for a long period of time it is recommended to de-pressurize the tank to extend the life of the tank. NOTE: The tank was pressurized before it left the factory.

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