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Private rooms on both sides of the trailer accent the four station shower combo floor plan. Therefore, two stations on each side compact into an easy to tow 18′ foot print. In other words, this trailer is the perfect for many of your shower and restroom needs.  Above all, the combo features both a toilet and a shower in every room.  Every room includes a durable and easy to clean floor covering.  Additionally, the floor is anti-slip.  Also, the showers are easy to clean fiberglass or stainless steel.  Therefore, a shower and a toilet in this four room shower combo floor plan makes the trailer a versatile addition to a fleet.  Add this trailer to compliment your fleet or restrooms. In addition, when building the trailer add GPS from the fleet command series of trailers.

Where to Use the Shower Combo Trailer?

Where to  use the shower combo trailer is a common question.  The four station shower combo adds value to any rental site.  Rather than using two trailers, one being a shower trailer.  While the other trailer being a restroom trailer.  Above all, the shower combo trailer makes a site more efficient.   Firstly, the trailer can be used at work sites.  For example, this trailer assists at construction sites and industrial clean up sites.  Secondly, the trailer is used at airports and train stations.  Thirdly, the trailer performs at athletic events such as marathons or bicycles races.  Fourthly, the shower combo works well at company sponsored pool parties. When a building needs remodeling the shower combo serves at temporary facilities.  For example, home supply stores and fast food stores or even gyms have a need for the shower combo trailer.  And finally, the shower combo accomodates homeless locations in cities.


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