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The six-station restroom trailer is available for sale with several color options.  Each color choice also includes some changes in features.  Whether a luxury choice or a construction grade, the trailers include key features.  For example, the dent proof fiberglass exterior provides for a strong finish. Also, the exterior finish is durable.  Additionally, a one-piece exterior wall provides space for private company graphics or paint.

At the same time, the wide entrance staircases include a platform at the door.   In addition, the steps feature  heavy grade steel construction.  Also, stainless steel handrails swing out near every entrance door. So, the rail easily provides a safe stepping guide for trailer entrance. While every door of these trailers is installed with a self-closing arm.  Each door includes a hand pull.  After that, a LED exterior porch light shines during night events. Therefore, the exterior lighting creates a safer area for the client.  Non-bulb LED exterior lighting provide light during the evening hours.

Six Station Key Features

The six-station portable restroom trailer floor plan models have doorknobs on the stall doors. The doorknobs are an easy grip. LED lights located in the ceiling mounted soffit brighten the room.  Additionally, the open-and-closing roof vents air out both the male and the female restroom sides. Finally, covers over the vents on the roof protect the interior.  Lastly, covers protect against rain, leaves, and other debris.

Restroom Trailer Colors

In the six-station restroom trailer floor plan choose from 3 distinct color packages (Luxury, Star Tech or Celebrity). Another choice is the classic “Everest” décor package. “Everest” is a rugged fiberglass interior trimmed in a white poly plastic.  Consequently, this rugged finish handles the construction site client. The walls and the cabinets outfit the rooms with washable poly. Also, the stall doors are completely washable. Washable walls mean low maintenance. Finally, lockable storage is provided in the base cabinet located below the sinks.


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