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six station shower combo floor plan


The six station shower combo floor plan features six private rooms in the trailer. Also, locking doors offer privacy to each client.  Additionally, the shower room offers  the combination of a shower, a toilet and a sink.  When the trailer includes both a toilet and a shower the trailer becomes adaptable.  Use the trailer for events when you need more than one toilet.

Shower Combo Floor Plan Features

Importantly, the shower combo offers rugged and durable features.  Each shower has  a water controlling faucet to set the correct temperature for a relaxing shower.  Push meter faucets control the water usage in the sink.  Over the sink rests a mirror to allow for grooming before exiting the trailer.  Coat hooks mounted on the wall allow a location to hang towels and clothing. After a shower shuts off, roof mounted power vents dispense the excess air moisture.

The six station shower combo trailer also offer climate controlling features.  For example, a gas forced air furnace can provide heat.  Also, the trailers offer electric heaters for each of the rooms.  For cooling the trailer can be built with a roof mounted air conditioning.  Ordinarily a locking wall mounted thermostat controls the cooling air conditioner.  Normally a large waste holding tank is located in the chassis of the trailer. Finally, an on-board fresh tank comes built into the mechanical room.  More floor plans are available for review.