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The ten-station restroom trailer model is perfect selection for your larger events.  For example, corporate events use the 10-station with luxury decor.  Secondly, golf tournaments utilize the trailer.  Thirdly, the ten station services public auctions when large crowds are present.  Fourthly, the ten-station restroom trailer model handles events such as man camps when the rugged decor is optioned.  Fifthly, the ten-station restroom trailer model manages the crowds at fairground events.

All restroom trailers are standard with exterior, high end gelcoat, fiberglass finish. As a result, the portable restrooms emit a clean and crisp look for your events. Additionally, this dent proof exterior provides for a strong and durable exterior finish. Which permits a private company graphics or paint finish smoothly applied.  Along with fiberglass, exterior features include an upgrade trim package.  Triple sealed exterior corners fit tightly to prevent leaks.  While wall to roof trim is both glued and screwed to weather the climate changes.  Twenty-two year rated LED lights means no bulb changing on the exterior travel lights.  Finally, the poly fiberglass, roof finish protects from hail, tree branch or weather damage.


Additional features make this trailer a tremendous value.  For example, the wide entrance staircases employ platforms at the door. While heavy grade, solid steel establish firm, rugged steps. Secondly, stainless steel handrails furnish safe entrance at doors. Therefore, the handrail easily swings into position for customer convenience and safety. Thirdly, non-bulb, LED exterior lighting near the steps furnish safe entry.  And, resulting in providing light during the evening hours. Fourthly, each door of these restroom trailers self closes with hydraulic arm and a hand pull.  Similarly, all the ten station restroom trailer models offer several decor options.  Change decors based on the specific event or project.  For GPS models see the information on fleet command trailers.


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