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The two-station shower trailer model features two private rooms.  In addition, this two-station model features a large mechanical room. Importantly, as the name implies, the mechanical room holds the operating systems for the trailer.  For example, the room accommodates up to 200 gallons of on-board fresh water supply.  At the same time, the mechanical room holds more operating components of the two-station shower trailer.  For example, the on-demand water heater mounts on the mechanical room wall for easy access.

Additionally, the water pump, the pressure tank and the shutoff valves mount in the mechanical room.  Besides the fresh water, an oversized chassis holds a large waste holding tank.  In addition, the shower rooms feature showers with low flow fixtures.  For example, the water heads flow at a rate of 1.5 gallons in order to preserve the water use.  To note, the water lines are built of a plastic Pex material.  This material is flexible and more durable in cold weather.


While the trailer is built to be durable, the interior walls feature an attractive, water resistance, fiberglass finish.  Additionally, a faux marble, composite shower surround lines each shower stall.  Also included, a bench seat which allows space to change clothes.  On the wall, coat hooks provide space to hang towels or clothes.  Important to note, each room provides a privacy lock on the door.  Certainly, clients feel comfortable with private and convenient showers.  Additionally, every room individually controls the shower heater temperature.  After that, choose more options when designing the build of the trailer. Finally, more floor plans which also include toilets, present under the shower combo pages.


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