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 Restroom Trailer 2 Station                                                
Exterior picture of portable restroom trailer with easy slide out steps.  Exterior picture of portable shower trailers with fold up aluminum steps  Exterior picture of custom portable restroom trailers with male and female rooms 

Portable Restroom Trailers

Rich Restroom Trailers are designed to hold their value and protect your investment. We know they face heavy use and harsh circumstances and we build them accordingly: 
  • Reinforced Engineered Metal Chasis Framework.
  • Speed Boat Quality GelCoat Fiberglass Shell for durability & easy care. Resists ultraviolet and water damage.
  • Large Capacity Waste Holding Tanks feature Rust and Corrosive Resistance.                                                             
  • Rich Restroom Trailers have Durable Stall Dividers.
  • Rugged & User Friendly Sinks.
  • Water Saving Urinals and Toilets (Quality Built to last).  

Shower Trailers

Featuring a variety of floor plans from private two stations to ten station shower trailers. Quality construction and great features are the hallmark of all of our trailers and that comes through very prominently in our Shower Trailer Line. 

Standard on most Models:
  • One Piece Molded Shower Stalls. 
  • Auto-shut Off Faucets.
  • Sub-floor and Wall Structures feature built-in resistance to high humidity.
  • Built In Protection against overflows.

Custom Trailers

Rich Specialty Trailers has designed and built hundreds of different custom floor plans. 

  • Restroom or Shower Trailers can be modified to meet gender or other requirements. When Customer needs call for it, completely new floor plans can be provided at no extra cost. 

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